What's Your Definition Of A Sensational Life?

Posted by Duane Cummings on 03/22/2016


As a child, I remember “grown ups” talking about their hopes and dreams. They longed for “the good life, ” which to many of them meant job security, a big house, nice cars, incredible vacations, and lots of money. My definition was slightly different…I wanted an endless summer vacation, to have lots of friends to play with, and to get a new toy every time we stepped foot in a store.

 “Funny how some things change, and others don’t.“

Today, just like decades ago, there are still people who believe their happiness will come by acquiring money and material things…and I still love vacations, friends, and toys.

Maybe they’re right, who am I to say what will make them happy. In fact, a person’s happiness and how they get to that point is totally up to them---as long as they aren’t breaking the law.  And then again, maybe some laws need to be broken? Fortunately, I had a mentor who helped me define my own sensational life a long time ago. It wasn’t easy, but I started the exercise by thinking about the end of my life.

I began by envisioning what kind of legacy I wanted to leave, what people would say about me for generations to come, and what kind of beliefs I’d need in order to face death with a smile, regardless of when it came to greet me.

 “I also wanted to ensure that my entire life would be filled with “F” words… Family, Friends, Fun, and Freedom.”

I finally determined that if I could spend each day serving others, took action on all the ideas that swirled in my head, and if I’d have the courage to follow through on projects until I got the desired results, I’d have a dream life. Since making that commitment, I’ve regularly done those three things while running companies, speaking, coaching, working with charities, and writing---and it's worked perfectly. I've also had the support of family and friends, who are now living their own sensational life. 

(The amazing Kim Cummings)

Now, don't get me wrong---I still face challenges, everyone does. But I’ve learned how to dance with life rather than fight it. I began using the wind to fill my sail, rather than allowing it to blow me over. I used the rain to water my garden, and the manure to fertilize it. Too often, people shy away from challenges.  I on the other hand, do my best to make friends with them, learn the lessons they are teaching, and harness their power to serve and support my mission.  

The bottom line is, find out what you’re good at…what your talents and gifts are…and then pursue something that will allow you to share those things with the world. There are no limits and just about anything can be monetized!

(The world renowned artist Dakoro)

Sure, I make it sound pretty simple---because once you get a clear picture of what brings you joy and how you should spend your days, it is! The first step is always the toughest. You MUST start by creating your own definitions, and then figure out activities and actions that will keep you on track everyday. What you don’t want is to reach the end of your life with any regrets.

(Humor Wins author and founder, Marshall Chiles)

I hope that if you haven’t already, you’ll give the topic some thought and then share what #aSensationalLife means to you. Please remember that what you write, could be the right words at the perfect time for someone else who’s struggling to create their own definition.  Thanks for stopping in and I wish you success and happiness by your own definition.

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