Do Something…Even If It’s Wrong!

Posted by Duane Cummings on 08/26/2021


     Let me clarify, (before I get crushed in the comments section) I’m NOT saying, “do something even if you know it’s the wrong thing to do.”  That would be horrible advice. What I’m attempting to convey in the title is we should all, “take action, and you may make a mistake, or it could turn out badly, but take action anyway.”

     As a child I was constantly told “do something, even if it’s wrong” and looking back, it may have been one of the core reasons I’ve been able to accomplish so many of my life’s ambitions and dreams.  As I’ve mentioned before, I rarely use the “F” word (failure) and always look at mistakes as simply not getting the result I am after.  Think about it, was Thomas Edison a failure the first several hundred times the lightbulb didn’t work? Could you imagine him staring at a dark bulb and saying to himself, “I better not attempt this again, because it might not work.” No way. 

     When we decide and act, we move and grow.  Unfortunately, it’s not always forward or up, but we can learn from our movement and adjust to get on the path we want.  As we mature and gain experience, we better understand the “potential” results of our decisions.  It only takes a child touching a red-hot stove once to understand that if you touch it again, you’ll get burned again.  Attempting, striving, doing, and getting results is how we grow and achieve. 

     Have you ever noticed in horror or catastrophe movies it is the person who stands frozen, unable to respond or do something in those key moments that ends up dead? Typically, it’s the hero that decides to jump, crawl, or run that survives.  Sometimes they don’t end up in a better place and they must make another decision to escape the next harrowing situation, but by acting, they give themselves a chance…an opportunity to live.

     Trapped or frozen is no way to spend your days. You must “Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong” and if you find yourself continuing to make the wrong moves, ask for help. There are countless people who are available that can guide, mentor, coach, and cheer you on.  There are also those that will be there as a safety net when the move doesn’t go so well. But those people can’t make you “do” anything, that part is up to you. So, start now, dream your dream, make a decision, take action, realize that life is short…and then for goodness’s sake, Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong!


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