How do You Impact Others?

Posted by Duane Cummings on 11/26/2018

Frowns Face Girl

Most of us can remember an instance where we're sitting in a conference room or at a party---then someone walked in and the entire mood changed?  Regardless of whether it got better or worse, that person impacted the whole group just by the vibe they entered with. Think back, you've probably seen it time and again. You're standing there and a person enters laughing, smiling, engaging or frowning, complaining and frigid...then immediately the entire room shifts to match their attitude. Well here's the tough question, how do you impact others?

Great leaders have a way of "knowing" exactly how to show up. They are intentional about their entry. They may even prepare by practicing or rehearsing. Recently I sat in a board room with executives who were all panicking about a negative incident, which had unfortunately reached the media.  Knowing that everyone would be on pins and needles, the CEO walked in calmly and confidently, with a hopeful look on his face and before speaking made a hand gesture for everyone to relax.  That was exactly what the room needed before anyone said a word and it lifted the mood at once.  

Unfortunately, we've all witnessed the negative scenario much too often. You know, when a group is sitting in a conference room waiting on the "leader" to arrive, the mood is light, people are smiling and sharing thoughts and the moment the person everyone is waiting on walks in, things go cold.  The life comes out of the room.  People become still, quiet, frowning, and I've found that more often than not... the person who entered doesn't have a clue what just happened---or if they did, they just simply didn't care. 

There are countless stories of athletic coaches who seem to have mastered the "entry." Tale after tale recount incidents where a coaches team is joking around in the locker room when they should probably be more focused and serious.  The coach may hear what's going on from outside, or they "sense" it...then they enter with that formidable scowl, don't say a word, and everyone realizes it's time to be serious.  You've also heard the opposite where coaches come in with shoulders held high, a bounce in their step, and a smile on their face if the team is sitting in the locker room down and out. Whatever the situation dictates, great coaches know they have the ability to impact others. 

But, it's not just about great coaches and leaders, EVERYONE has the ability to set the mood when they "enter"...which includes YOU!  And we're not talking about just at work.  You can make a positive impact on people when you walk into a store, the post office, or a classroom. In fact, YOU can positively impact people anywhere.

So, "what if" for the next 30 days you gave it a try? Whether you are preparing to walk into a meeting, party, public place, or your home...I'd like you to pause briefly to think about the mood you are carrying and then as you enter, evaluate how your mood impacts everyone.  My guess is, if you are intentional about bringing your best self and focus on what everyone else needs, YOU WILL positively impact others and become the person that everyone is thankful for when YOU enter the room.  



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