Posted by Duane Cummings on 04/29/2015

Go Out And Play!

I don’t know about you, but the mantra of every adult I knew growing up was, “Go Out And Play!”  Whether it was riding bikes, throwing a ball, or building a fort in the backyard, my friends and I were outside doing something. The main rules were, “Stay where you can hear me, and be in before the streetlights come on.”  Now, before you begin to tell me children and the times have changed, I want you to ask yourself…”When did I change?”

Most people don’t remember when, but at some point, they just stopped playing.  Sure, I realize you can’t horse around in a dangerous environment, and it’s inappropriate to be silly in formal settings like a courtroom, but that’s not what I mean by, “Go Out And Play.” People give me reasons why they can’t play all of the time.  They’ll say, “I’m not a child any longer,” or “I’ve got an image to worry about.”  I’ve also been handed the long lists of responsibilities people have, and oddly enough one is usually parenting. Which if I’m not mistaken, usually involves teaching children to play.

Go Out And Play by Duane Cummings 

It’s widely accepted that among other reasons, children use playtime to process difficult emotions, test their own limits, develop socially, hone problem solving skills, and discover new things in a safe environment.  That being the case, then it makes sense we should never stop playing, because we must continue developing the skills needed to cope with the new challenges that life throws our way. Taking time to play can also keep our minds sharp, and will allow us to reduce stress, which improves our overall health.

Some of the top companies in the world have improved productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction by encouraging their team members to play.  These organizations create unique working environments and schedule a host of structured and unstructured activities, which allow their workers to ignite their creativity while fulfilling their company’s mission.

Relearning how to play can be difficult for a number of reasons. Your imagination may have dulled, you may be over stressed, or perhaps you’ve just misplaced the ability to let your guard down and be yourself. Regardless of the situation, it can be remedied if you will just begin to focus on playing. Funny thing too, when you let the little kid inside of you out to play, you’ll give others permission to join in the fun.  So, my tip for those who want to live #aSensationalLife… GO OUT AND PLAY!

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