The 5 Must Have Elements Of An Awesome Blog

Posted by Duane Cummings on 04/25/2016


It’s not everyday that a writer starts by saying, “you may NOT want to read on,” and I’m taking a HUGE RISK, but I believe it’s right to say….

Fair Warning---If you’re hoping to learn more about topics like; the many platforms that are available to bloggers, ingenious ways to co-brand, or case studies of blogs that went viral…those items won’t be found in this post.

What you will find is what I’ve determined to be the 5 elements that are commonly found in the most popular blogs, regardless of topic. Now before you ask, “NO I’m not an expert.” I’m just a guy who hopes to make a positive impact on other people, and blogging is one way that I serve those in need. If you happen to be an expert, or are just interested in sharing your thoughts after reading my Top 5, I’d love to hear from you.

#1 The Blog Was Written In An Authentic Voice

When it comes to blogging, I usually have a main theme and then tell stories to support and share lessons learned... hopefully in a way that interests the reader, brings value, and leaves a lasting impression.

For the people that know me, or for others who’ve seen a video or heard me speak in person, they typically agree that they can hear my “voice” as they read my blog. Although I’m writing, I “talk” my words onto the page and whenever possible, use personal experience to get my point across.

#2 Use Amazing Images

The old cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as true today as the first time it was spoken. Unfortunately, writers often use images that confuse the reader. You should also work hard to use rarely seen images, which will evoke emotion in your reader and enhance the story.

In addition to supporting the subject, pictures should be of the highest quality and formatted appropriately. Images are also a great place to solidify your brand by including your logo or name. It’s really easy to do and I subscribe to several services, but utilize Picmonkey most of the time.

#3 Don’t Write A Novel

Thanks in part to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat…you’re expected to get your message across quickly and efficiently. #nuffsaid

#4 Provide Value Worth Sharing

People are always asking, “How do I get people to share my blog?” I believe the answer is pretty simple, write something they just can’t keep a secret. Sure, there are great posts that sit idle in the dark, and perhaps learning “best marketing practices” is the next step for you…but if the blog is being seen (view counts are up) and no one is sharing, that’s your litmus test and you need to pay attention to those results. And, if you’re wondering what people want…

#5 Share “How To” Posts, Top 5 Lists, And Fun Facts

People read blogs for many reasons…but the top 2 things they want are to learn and be entertained. So, why fight it? Instead, give the reader what they want and once they become a loyal follower who loves your “voice,” you can begin to expand your offerings and share more of what’s on your own heart.

As always...I wish you all #aSensationalLife.

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Dale Zwizinski Says:
August 30th, 2016 at 4:21 am
Duane - good, precise post on blogging. Your number 1 is the most important that I have found during my time in writing content! Thank you
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