The Super Hero Test

Posted by Duane Cummings on 08/21/2015

My guess is there’s a moment in most people’s lives where they audition to become a super hero.  Mine came in fourth grade, when I donned a mask and cape, climbed onto a roof, and jumped skyward, only to quickly end up on the grass below.  Unfortunately my attempt didn’t end with applause and the Mayor presenting me with a key to the city.  In fact, it was filled with intense leg pain and loud laughter from my friends. But, what it wasn’t filled with was regret. 

Because as I lay there with tears streaming down my face, my uncle swooped in to my rescue, and let everyone know I was still a super hero.  

Later that night, I asked my Uncle why he thought I was a super hero, since in my mind I hadn’t passed the test.  He took a moment and then asked me the following series of questions, which I’d like you to think about as you read them and determine if you in fact are a Super Hero.

Do you…

  • Possess a strong moral code-My guess is you either already have, or are willing to risk your own safety to help others without an expectation of receiving an award.
  • Have a sidekick-I’m betting there is at least one person who is always in your corner, has your back, and works constantly to support you.
  • Like to wear awesome costumes-Most people feel good when they are dressed up whether in a uniform, business attire, or your crime-fighting outfit.
  • Have uncomfortable relationships-I’m talking about those people with whom you’re afraid to reveal your true identity… because you don’t know how they will respond.
  • Have a sense of responsibility to do what’s right-Do you generally want the “good guys” to win and are you willing to be held accountable for your actions?
  • Have a fighting spirit-Just like me the day I jumped off the roof, are you willing to deal with pain for something you believe in.
  • Have a backstory-A reason or something that has happened in your past that drives, inspires, and motivates you.

Now, according to my uncle, (and he’s still the authority on this subject in my mind) if you answered yes to these questions, then you my friend are a Super Hero!  Remember, it’s ok if flying isn’t one of your super-powers; there are many others at your disposal. I look forward to joining you and working together to make the world a better place and wish you all #aSensationalLife. 

Are you a Super Hero?

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