Want To Become A LEADER WORTH FOLLOWING...Start By Finding Your VOICE

Posted by Duane Cummings on 05/09/2016


Even though it’s been over twenty-five years since my wife made the decision to take our son and file for divorce, just recalling that moment brings me to tears. In addition to my marital catastrophe, I also lost my job, as well as the respect of friends and family…it was definitely the lowest point in my life and there’s no question at that time, I was NOT (whether with family or in my business) a Leader Worth Following!

Fortunately, that chapter wasn’t the last in my story. SPOILER ALERT-The pending divorce was never finalized, our son grew up and married a girl he dated for nine years, we’re on our twenty-ninth year of marriage, Kim (my wife)is my best friend, and we’re blessed to have experienced success by most any definition in our relationships and business. So, the next obvious question most people ask is,

 “How did you turn your life around?” My answer, to put it simply, is always-
I discovered my “VOICE.”

Well, that’s the term I use now. But, back then I didn’t know how to articulate it in that way. In fact, over the years when people asked how we went from the brink of disaster to the amazing relationship and life we have now, I’d say, “We (although truthfully I needed the most work) finally learned how to communicate effectively."  

Yes, there’s no doubt---THAT ONE SKILL saved our marriage and has allowed us to achieve most of our hopes and dreams in all areas of our life. It has also helped me to become a servant leader. But, it wasn’t until I met my friend Steve Cockram, that I had the perfect verbiage to explain what took place all those years ago. I needed Steve's expertise to help me describe…that what I actually did was gain an “understanding and clarity of my own voice and of the voices around me.” And NO...I don't mean hearing voices like I need a straightjacket.

Let me explain, and tell you about Steve... which may help clear up the "voices issue."  He currently lives in Buckinghamshire England and is a truly remarkable man. He’s been married over twenty years, and is the father of three beautiful daughters.

His official biography includes things like “The Co-Founder of Giant Worldwide- A company dedicated to transformational leadership through intentional apprenticeship, the Co-Author of best selling business book 5 VOICES---and he's an expert in Jungian analysis.” But, Steve is much more than his bio, he's a Superhero in my book, because he figured out a way to teach anyone how to easily and effectively communicate.

By the way, if you didn’t know what Jungian analysis means, don’t feel bad, I had to look it up. Basically, he’s an expert in helping people understand how they are internally wired, which provides a level of awareness that allows for better interaction with people---and it all begins with YOU. The real magic happens when you understand what others are hearing you say, and then you work to ensure each person in a conversation or relationship is complementing each other. That's exactly what I was missing in my marriage, and my life, all those years ago.

                                                                                                                                        Related post on Leadership

Thanks to Steve, we now have a process and language to help us digest the lessons he teaches. You’ll quickly discover that whether your primary voice is a Nurturer, Pioneer, Connector, Creative, or Guardian, you'll have the framework you can use to apply the lessons to not only your leadership journey, but in every area of your life.

I’m not sure whether Steve perfected his theories as a young teacher, or maybe during his days as a pastor. Regardless of where he dialed it in, all I know is the knowledge he shares is magic for all of your relationships, and turns good leaders into great ones. The evidence is overwhelming and the results are amazing.

So, if you want to change your life for the better, why not take a few minutes to get to know my friend Steve (check out his Tedx Video)…he may just help you find your VOICE, which will help you become a Leader Worth Following. 


 I’ve asked some of my friends if I could share their stories, in hopes of inspiring anyone who may be focused on crafting #aSensationalLife…and they happily agreed.

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