You Must Dare To Dream Big---For Big Dreams To Come True

Posted by Duane Cummings on 04/04/2016


One look at any of my childhood report cards, and it’s obvious that I’ve always been a dreamer. Every quarter, my teachers would check a box, provide a grade, and then add remarks like, “Tons of aptitude, but he must stop daydreaming.” There was also, “Needs to get his head out of the clouds and into his books” and at a parent-teacher conference, my eighth grade teacher went so far as to say…

  “Duane doesn’t focus in class. If he doesn’t change, he’ll probably end up a drop out and never amount to anything.”

I often wonder how many other people heard similar remarks as a child? Thank goodness there have always been influential people in my life, who were dream supporters, rather than dream killers. I’m not saying those teachers were bad people, they were simply doing what they thought was right and perhaps I have beaten the odds with all that I've achieved in my life. 

However, it’s unfortunate that in many cases, teachers and other people of influence have negatively changed the trajectory of a child’s life. Luckily, there were a number of key people around as I was growing up, to balance out all of those who didn't believe in dreaming. Some were family, others were friends and once in a while there was the odd neighbor---but they all would say...

"Never stop can become anyone or do anything you set your mind on."

If you look around, most of the gadgets and goodies we have were first born in a dream. Yes, products like automobiles and cell phones are the results of a thought. In addition to products, humans often dream of finding solutions to problems and challenges, which in some cases can lead to the founding of organizations. Those groups can go on to fulfill dreams, by unifying people to serve others in need.

One such person who has done this is my friend Aaron BlyHe’s definitely a dreamer, and a dream supporter who wanted to make a difference. So much so, that Aaron and his wife adopted five children. Their middle child Trae has autism and didn’t walk or talk until he was 2 ½. Aaron and his wife dreamed of a better life for Trae, as well as other children and families facing the same challenges.

So, Aaron started the Kids and Dreams Foundation. Their vision is, 

“To run the obstacle of modern day childhood challenges alongside kids and their families.”

Their organization has helped countless autistic children and their families.  I’m also happy to share that Trae has made a gigantic leap and is now in the fifth grade. He’s doing excellent academically, interacting better socially, and sees the world in a refreshingly different way. The combination of therapy service, diet, and biomedical treatment has helped Trae blossom.

Aaron’s story is amazing and YES I agree that to make things become a reality, someone must “DO.” But long before that, someone must definitely Dare To Dream Big! I hope this story will inspire you to chase your own big dreams, and always be a dream supporter! Wishing you all #aSensationalLife.

MEET MY FRIENDS MONDAY--- I’ve asked some of my friends if I could share their stories, in hopes of inspiring anyone who may be seeking to craft #aSensationalLife…and they happily agreed.

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