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Hello and thank you for visiting! As the former CEO of Leadercast, which produces the largest one day Leadership event in the world, Duane truly understands that finding just the right speaker can be a stressful and difficult process. In addition to this event, he knows first hand what event organizers and meeting planners need, because several times a year he invites presenters to join him at events he produces. There's no question the success of any event usually depends on the quality of the speakers. With that in mind, we encourage you to relax, look around, and let us know how we can best serve your needs. 

Duane Cummings - Motivational Speaker

If you were to ask Duane, he'd tell you he's not a Motivational Speaker.  Instead he'd say he's a storyteller who shares a mixture of common sense and real life experience in hopes of providing long-lasting inspiration. Utilizing "Actionable Narrative" he has the uncanny ability to connect with almost every person in the crowd regardless of age, gender, personality, or culture and provide life changing take aways.  

Duane rarely delivers the same talk twice, and can present on a wide range of topics thanks in large part to the "Forest Gump" type of life he's lived.  He will properly prepare by conducting pre-event meetings with planners, interviewing sponsors, reviewing audience profiles, and performing in depth industry investigation to ensure the organizers and attendees receives valuable content and an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a Keynote address for thousands, or a breakout session for 10, Duane will make a positive impact on those he speaks to.

Check out this video that includes several Speaker Snippits!

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Thanks to Duane's challenges and achievements in both his personal and professional life, he's able to bring a fresh perspective and real, relatable experiences that teach priceless lessons. He will not only have attendees thinking differently, but also provides actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately. Duane is not your typical, "speak from the stage" presenter.  More often than not, he will be found in the crowd, which allows him to interact and engage with the audience at a deeper and more personal level. 

Remember, we are here to serve and make finding a speaker as uncomplicated as possible. So, from checking availability, receiving a fee schedule, or for answering any questions that you may have, please don't hesitate to reach out and Start The Conversation! By email, please contact us.  If you would rather speak by phone, please dial 00-1-404-245-2694.  We are grateful for your interest and wish you a Sensational event! 

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Lisa Owen

"Duane took our theme, Convene. Collaborate. Connect. and created the perfect, specialized opening keynote for our biggest conference of the year. He then graciously agreed to lead a breakout session immediately following and blew out the competition, drawing attendees from other sessions because they wanted to hear more - and he was worried they'd have had enough of him in the opening keynote! Proof positive that Duane's enthusiasm and knowledge are addictive and highly relevant. One word summation: Amazing! 

Lisa Owen - Events Manager - LeadingAge Kansas


Duane Cummings