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Duane Cummings is regularly featured as a guest on podcasts, tv shows, radio segments, and in print.

His recent interview topics include: 

  • What is Ethical Leadership. 
  • How to have happy, healthy, and lasting relationships.
  • The SECRET that can instantly change your life.
  • What "The ONE philosophy" is all about and how it changed my life. 
  • What to do when you feel "Stuck and Trapped."
  • What does it mean to live a Sensational Life. 
  • Why GREAT communication is the key to happiness. 
  • You should create your own definition of success.
  • Turning Inside Sales....Outside In.

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Podcasts, Interviews, and Posts

Please enjoy a selection of podcasts, interviews, and posts below. IF you'd like additional media or information, please contact us directly.

Dana Barrett


Excited to announce we will be hosting a Leadercast Women's Event in OCT 2017. Many thanks to Dana Barrett for interviewing me and allowing me to break the news on her show...she's amazing.


Start Small Live Big

Start Small Live Big --- Interview

Hosted by Betsy J. Pake.  Truly grateful for this amazing author and speaker.  She's making a huge, positive, impact on the world. You can learn more about her and the #startsmalllivebig movement by going to her website.

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Discover Your Talent. Do What You Love.

Host Don Hutcheson sits down with Duane to talk about his life and how he's able to do what he loves everyday of his life.


The Cheri Hill Show

Featured Guest on The Cheri Hill Show---Radio Interview

Many thanks to Cheri Hill for having me on her show to discuss business and my book. She's a fantastic host and I hope you find a few nuggets of value in this recording.


Communicate to Win

The Dealer Playbook Interview

with Robert Wiesman and Michael Cirillo....these guys are two amazing leaders in the automotive industry and I'm humbled and honored to have been on their show.  Regardless of your field, I hope you find value.


All in podcast show

The ALL IN Podcast Show 

Hosted by Daniel Giordano which aired 2-1-16  Episode #35 - Humbled and honored to be interviewed.  I hope you enjoy and find value in our discussion. Dan asked some great questions about my past, mentors, and some of the business/life lessons I've learned. 

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Anthony & Yolanda Belser

RADIO INTERVIEW---Unapologetic Radio Show

Honored to be a guest on the Unapologetic Radio Show with Yolanda & Anthony Belser (better known as Tone-X) regarding my book The Sensational Salesman and what it means to live #aSensationalLife.  Truly grateful for these two remarkable people and thankful they are in my life.  SPOILER ALERT...Tone-X is in the final chapter of the book. 


James Siang'a Hall of Fame

Guest on The Morning Express ~ Nairobi, Kenya

Hosted by Robin Toskins.  Grateful to have been a guest along with Kenyan great Simon Mulama after presenting at the Kenyan Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony of James Siang'a. I was a bit nervous as you can tell, and it was awful early. One of the highlights of my life. James coached most of the Kenyan players before they came to the U.S. to play for me. Timothy Kibune (Timo) is one of them and is in the book The Sensational Salesman. 


Interview with Duane on The Spanky Brown Show

PODCAST: "Sensational Silliness" - "SIT DOWN" on The Spanky Brown Morning Show.  

Duane's radio interview with three of the funniest men in show business confirms that laughter is a critical ingredient to having #aSensationalLife. The interview was live on 4-16-2015. This recording is only 20 minutes long and Duane is introduced at the 3:20 mark.


Duane Cummings Better Questions


"If You Want A Better Answer, Ask A Better Question!"

This was a fun format for a presentation. Five minutes, 20 slides that automatically forward every 15 seconds.  The lesson I'm sharing is priceless and has had the biggest impact on my life. Performed at the Lyric Theater in OKC 2015.


Duane Cummings Roofing Contractor Keynote

Passion and Excitement...

A Keynote presentation from Roofing Contractor Annual Event. 

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The Sensational Salesman: Who is Thomas Frickle

WHO is Thomas Frickle?

Although it is not a recent interview or is a FUN YouTube video created by Best Selling Author Candi Parker, in support of Thomas Frickle and The Sensational Salesman! Hope you enjoy.

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PODCAST: Be a "Sensational Salesman" with Duane Cummings

Whether you are just beginning your food enterprise or growing an existing organization, Duane Cummings tale of second chances and the path to achievement will inspire, encourage and bring forth ideas and actions that will take you towards your prize. Clearly achieve your goals and pursue your dreams with action in this fast read from Duane.  

I've known Dale for years and it was with interest and enthusiasm that I invited him to participate and share his insights with you. 

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Women's Prosperity Network

A Special Free Online Interview with Duane Cummings

Women's Prosperity Network Interviews Author Duane Cummings

Lots of books claim they will change your life, but they rarely give you a map to follow.  Join us for this insightful interview as the Author shares his wisdom and insight to living your Sensational life!

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Duane Cummings Testimonials | Trish Carr

You rocked the house!

You brought so much value to the event as a whole and to each participant, they’re still chanting “We want Duane, We want Duane!”

Your ability to deliver rich content with a personal touch is a gift few presenters have and you are a master. Thank you for making our 4th Annual Prosperity Un-Conference a true game changer!”

Trish Carr, Co-Founder


Duane Cummings